Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

fsg-3 serial mod

Used Parts

USB-TTL Serial Bridge with CP2102
it's for 2,3€ (included shipping) available on so it's really cheap.

It has needed pins Gnd, RxD and TxD

USB UART Converter

First open your fsg-3
There are 4 screw's on the bottom side

 open the case
 internal there are also 4 screws to lift the PCB+HDD

on this picture are 2

and on this picture are 2 screws

 find the Con401

solder the cable on it


Pin 1 = GND
Pin 3 = RxD
Pin 6 = TxD

take a file and make a little hole at the place to put the cable through.
mark the Ground Cable, at the picture it is marked with pink colour

After that connect Gnd with Gnd

RxD with RxD  and TxD with Txd
If u don't get the connections cross the RxD and TxD Cables.

open up a connection with HyperTerminal in windows or minicom
use Baudrate 115200 8N1 (8N1 == 8-bits per character, no parity, and 1 stop bit)

CTRL+C  == ^C is the command to stop the RedBoot Bootload Script. 

Airflow Mod for Sinking the Temperature

There is enough space to put air out from the fsg-3 fan.
But there are no holes to put fresh air into the fsg.

so i drilled 6 holes in the front

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