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FSG-3 to openWRT

Enhanced Howto for porting the FSG-3 to openWRT

regarding the links on and>Install_OpenWRT_on_FSG_from_shell_without_serial_console install openwrt on fsg-3

SSH Login as root: 

ssh -p 22 admin@fsgIP
admin@fsgIP's password: 
~ $ su
root password:

/ # passwd
Changing password for root
Enter the new password (minimum of 5, maximum of 8 characters)
Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
Enter new password: 

Re-enter new password: 

Password changed.
/ #

install ipkg
make 2 script files (install_ipk, cleanup)
from page

file ds101-bootstrap_1.0-4_armeb.xsh from page

copy all three files into some directory on the fsg-3

Type sh install_ipkg
Type sh cleanup


Type ipkg update

made Problems with FSGA/v1.7 Firmware v4.2.7
because ipkg comes with the firmware but buggy.

umount /opt
  • remove optware:
rm -rf /home/.optware
rm -rf /usr/lib/ipkg
  • reboot
  • run bootstrap:
sh <path to bootstrap file>
stable packages for Firmware v4

ipkg for v4 Firmware Workaround to get ipkg working

Install FIS and Fconfig

ipkg install fis
ipkg install fconig

Flash Image System (FIS)  from RedBoot User's Guide

Table of Contents
fis init -- Initialize Flash Image System (FIS)
fis list -- List Flash Image System directory
fis free -- Free flash image
fis create -- Create flash image
fis load -- Load flash image
fis delete -- Delete flash image
fis lock -- Lock flash area
fis unlock -- Unlock flash area
fis erase -- Erase flash area
fis write -- Write flash area
If the platform has flash memory, RedBoot can use this for image storage. Executable images, as well as data, can be stored in flash in a simple file store. The fis command (fis is short for Flash Image System) is used to manipulate and maintain flash images.

fconfig - redboot config


/ # cat /proc/mtd
dev:    size   erasesize  name
mtd0: 00040000 00020000 "RedBoot"
mtd1: 00180000 00020000 "kern1"
mtd2: 00180000 00020000 "kern2"
mtd3: 00020000 00020000 "RedBoot config"
mtd4: 00020000 00020000 "FIS directory"

Stock firmware layout, Flash Partitions

RedBoot> fis list
Name                             FLASH addr     Mem addr          Length            Entry point
RedBoot                        0x50000000        0x50000000       0x00040000      0x00000000
kern1                              0x50080000        0x00700000       0x00180000      0x00700000
kern2                              0x50200000        0x00700000       0x00180000      0x00700000
RedBoot config            0x503C0000       0x503C0000      0x00020000      0x00000000
FIS directory                 0x503E0000       0x503E0000       0x00020000      0x00000000

 / # fconfig -r -d /dev/mtd3 -n boot_script_data
Low verbosity messages are printed.
fis load kern1
exec -c "console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/hda1 mem=64M@0x00000000"

hilfreicher redboot-fehler forums post

HDD Partitions
hda1   200MB reiserfs
hda2   200MB reiserfs
hda3   150MB linux-swap
hda4   1GB+ reiserfs remaining space

freifunk openwrt buildroot anleitung

Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011


Freecom Storage Gateway FSG-3

CPU: Intel IXP425/IXP422
RAM: 64 MB
Hard Drive: Varies by production date
Router: 1 – WAN port and 3 – LAN ports – WLAN (optional)
USB Interface: 4 USB ports for USB printers, USB hard drives, and USB flash drives
E-SATA Interface: 1 – E-SATA plug for connecting an external SATA drive
  • File server (Access files and folders over any networked computer)
  • Webserver (Host webpages with HTML and PHP)
  • Email server (Send and receive emails from the FSG)
  • MySQL server
  • VPN server & client
  • FTP server
  • SSH server
  • Network router
  • USB server (Share your USB Hard drives or USB flash drives with any computer on the network)
  • USB print server (Share your USB printer with any computer on the network)
  • AV server TwonkeyMedia 4.2 Beta 5 from Twonkyvision
  • Firewall
  • S-ATA enabled (Connect an external S-ATA drive to add more space)
Notdough Blog
openWRT wiki page

openwrt forum discussion regarding the fsg-3

Adding Serial RS232 TTL UART cable to FSG-3

how to control fans, buttons, ...

second SATA

WiFi Kit Installation



HDD wechsel auf 300GB Maxtor
mittels Partitionierung PartedMagic und PartitionManager9.0
Anleitung: Exchange_the_harddrive
FSGA 1.7 auf Freecom

FSG Firmware restore

openWrt Backfire zum laufen bringen

Bridged Mode in Netzwerk hängen

vorerst auch möglich mit WRT54GL-DD-WRT als Bridge ins Netz

Mit USB-Audio und Lautsprecher Soundoutput
Quasi WLAN-Radio

den Canon PIXMA MP250 zum laufen bringen

mit SANE

FSG-3 legacy

Freecom Storage Gateway - 3

2008 gekauftest NAS das dann irgendwann unerreichbar und nicht konfigurierbar wurde.

Jetzt wieder repariert und wieder am umbasteln dran

Wlan fsg.png
CPU: Intel IXP425/IXP422
RAM: 64 MB
Hard Drive: 500GB
Router: 1 - WAN port and 3 - LAN ports - WLAN (optional)
USB Interface: 4 USB ports for USB printers, USB hard drives, and USB flash drives
E-SATA Interface: 1 - E-SATA plug for connecting an external SATA drive
meine damaligen Ideen und Posts dazu.
mein englischer entry eintrag dazu

getätigte Arbeiten daran (Done)
erweiterung auf 2te Antenne mit RP-SMA Anschluss,

in arbeit
get OpenWrt Running on the FSG-3 - HOWTO